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Modern production equipment

Guarantee of high-quality and high-performance products

  • Guarantee of high-quality and high-performance products

  • The world's top Uniflex and Finn-Power crimping equipment guarantee the accuracy of the hose assembly crimping.

  • Eaton Walform-Inventor of non-welded, zero leakage steel pipe assembly.

Detection ability

We are equipped with complete quality testing equipment

Infrared steel hose assembly scanner

The accuracy can reach 55μm, which effectively guarantees the full-size accuracy of the steel hose assembly.

Complete functions: geometric elements, three-dimensional coordinates, shape and position tolerances, CAD digital model and actual parts comparison detection, assembly, fixture detection, inspection tool detection, pipe measurement, metal thin-walled parts measurement.

No dead angle for measurement: built-in and external balance design, 7 joint degrees of freedom to realize the measurement of point positions and hidden points in any space.

Measuring range: diameter 3000mm ball space and can be extended to a larger range of measurement, accuracy 55μm.

Static pressure test

Perform pressure test on each batch of hose assemblies in strict accordance with the quality system documents before leaving the factory.

It can test the whole roll of rubber hose to ensure the quality of incoming materials before leaving the factory. It has multiple interfaces and fast boosting pressure. The maximum test pressure can reach 1600bar. It can also provide a pressure test curve report diagram to effectively ensure zero leakage of the assembly.


Each hose must be cleaned before crimping and steel pipe forming.

Ultra-standard production environment and strict quality control process, verifying that the cleanliness can reach NAS7 level